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How to plot a surface from 3D lines?

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Karthik  Vemireddy
Karthik Vemireddy on 22 Aug 2018
Commented: Sanoop Siby on 5 Mar 2020
I would like to plot a surface from 3D lines. In the image below, i have plotted the lines using plot3. Now, i would like to plot the surface between both the lines. The lines are not of equal size and have different (x,y,z)limits.
For your reference, i have attached the MATLAB figure.
Can anyone help me out with this?
Thanks and Regards

Answers (1)

Yuvaraj Venkataswamy
Yuvaraj Venkataswamy on 22 Aug 2018
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 22 Aug 2018
@Yuvaraj, neither of these two links provide a solution to the query. The second link proposes a similar problem but there were no solutions for that problem either.
Sanoop Siby
Sanoop Siby on 5 Mar 2020
Did you figure the anwer to this problem.If so, would you share it??Thanks in advance

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