using sendmail to send windows drive location as hyperlink

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sc1991 on 23 Aug 2018
Answered: lin lou on 13 Jan 2021
Hello! everyone, I am using sendmail function in MATLAB to send windows drive location, for now when I send the link of the location it goes as a general text msg but I was wondering if anyone is aware of any method that I can use which can make this regular text as a hyperlink text. so when the user receives the email he can directly click on the link which will take him to the desired drive location.
I am not sure if such thing can be done but any help or direction will be really helpful.

Answers (2)

Amal George M
Amal George M on 29 Aug 2018
To my understanding, the intention is to use 'sendmail' function to send an email which contains hyperlinks.
As of now, MATLAB does not support HTML-formatted messages. As a workaround, you can take a look at the implementation of 'sendhtmlmail' function implemented in 'Demo Harvest' in FileExchange.
Hope this helps.

lin lou
lin lou on 13 Jan 2021

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