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EEG pre-processing steps

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atie on 22 Jun 2012
Commented: Rasa on 17 Apr 2019
Hi, I just want to the exact step in pre-processing EEG signal.
Step 1: convert time-based data into frequency-based data
Step 2: filter the signal to make sure only the wanted frequency is available (eg: 0.5 Hz - 50 HZ)
Step 3: remove any artifacts
Step 4: Divide the clean signal into 4 bands (alpha, beta, theta, delta)
Is these steps correct?

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Matt Gaidica
Matt Gaidica on 8 Mar 2019
What is the goal of your overall analysis? I think the Chronux Toolbox might help you, although, if you just want to get a Fourier analysis, it only takes a few lines of code.
In general, I would modify your protocol:
  1. Detect and remove artifacts in raw data.
  2. Filter raw data based on frequency range of interest (address 50/60 Hz line noise if necessary)
  3. Perform time-frequency analysis.
Provide more information about what you want to do.

Kosai on 28 Jun 2012
the Steps are correct but additional to the 4th one : GAMMA-Band must be extracted also ....
Rasa on 17 Apr 2019
@Sepa Abdelrazek, Do you have the code to perform the steps ?

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