Can I use The following Bluetooth adapter to connect the mambo mini drone to matlab?

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If Yes, How???? I follow all steps given by Matlab a still couldn't connect to Matlab. If No, Which Bluetooth adapter should i get in order to connect parrot mini-drone below I'll attach an image on the name of the Bluetooth adapter I have brought.

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JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 10 Sep 2018
Hi Luis,
Compatible Bluetooth adapters for the PARROT Mambo must use the CSR Bluetooth stack, which your device does. The device must also support Personal Area Networking (NAP). For connection steps and a link to the Bluetooth driver, you may consult the following page:
For troubleshooting, the following pages may be of use:
If none of these troubleshooting links resolve the issue, which one of the connection steps is failing?

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