Utilizing Matlab for Teaching Applied Calculus for Engineering Technology

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We are creating a new course called Applied Mathematics for Engineering Technology. The students have completed a first calculus course where they previously stopped. We are trying to extend their capabilities in integration, derivatives, and even applications of differential equations necessary for understanding RLC circuits and PID controls by using numerical methods (with software like Matlab). There will be little emphasis on mathematical rigor due to the audience.
Has anyone else created a course of this type? If yes, what text are you using. Please share any information you have. Thank you.

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Gautam Vallabha
Gautam Vallabha on 29 Mar 2011

Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 28 Mar 2011
Have a look at the Classroom resources on the MathWorks website, there may be something of interest.

George on 3 Apr 2011
Thank you for these suggestions. They are helpful, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Has anyone reviewed "Exploring Calculus With Matlab: Topics & Applications" by Smaldone? Publication date is not until 8/11.


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