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How to allow the user to specify pixels in browsed video?

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sara sar
sara sar on 24 Sep 2018
Answered: sara sar on 29 Sep 2018
I want to make GUI that allows the user to browse video, then it can determine some points in the video. For example: The browsed video will be a road with cars and the user will determine a car from the video. I know how to allow browsing video, but how can I allow her to determine some points?

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Brandon Armstrong
Brandon Armstrong on 24 Sep 2018
New in R2018b is the Video Labeler App. If you have 18b and the Computer Vision System Toolbox you can can load a video and label objects like cars.

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sara sar
sara sar on 29 Sep 2018
Thank you so much! I would ask if the app can retrieve to me the positions of the objects that I label it?

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