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Using figures with appdesigner

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I am reluctant to switch from using Guide to using Appdesigner since the UIFigure does not allow for data tips and zoom compared to the original Figure command. However, it is possible for use the Figure command within Appdesigner but it gives you a hand slap in the form of a warning in code view. The warning staties "Specify a UIAxes handle as first argument."
My question is: Are there any disadvantages to using Figures with Appdesigner? Will I be sorry later if Figures are later phased out of the software in favor of UIFigure?
I do not plan to switch over to Appdesigner until it has the same functionality as Guide.

Accepted Answer

Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 18 Jun 2020
You can refer the following answer link.

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