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Moving the labels of the z axis to the back of the 3D graph

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In a 3D plot such as the one produced by scatter3, the labels of the z axis are displayed on the left of the plot. Is there a way to have the labels on the z axis at the back side of the plot? I want to show the students the origin of the 3D plot and the default view of 3D plots where the labels are shown on the left is giving me a hard time.

Accepted Answer

jonas on 25 Sep 2018
Edited: jonas on 25 Sep 2018
It's an undocumented feature
The XRuler property is called XAxis in later releases. Something like this should work:
hAxis.ZAxis.FirstCrossoverValue = hAxis.XLim(2);
hAxis.ZAxis.SecondCrossoverValue = hAxis.XLim(2);

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