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How to compile Matlab programs using raspi library?

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Guillaume on 1 Oct 2018
Answered: Guillaume on 19 Dec 2018


I am trying to use the "MATLAB Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware". I installed all the files described in, and I got no problem. My issue is when I try to compile the program with the Matlab Compiler.

I created a very simple program:

function ledon()  
r = raspi('','pi','raspberry');
led = r.AvailableLEDs{1};
for i = 1:10
 writeLED(r, led,0);

If I launch it directly on Matlab, I have no problem, the LED blinks. However, if I try to create a project with the Matlab Compiler, when I run this same simple program, I get the following error :

Error using matlab.internal.msgcat.setAdditionalResourceLocation
The path "C:\Users\UserXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\UserXXX\mcrCache9.4\ledon_1\" is not a valid message catalog resource path.
Error in raspi (line 66)
Error in ledon (line3)

I do not understand what it means.

In raspi, line 66, it is written :


If someone has an idea, I would be interested :-)

Thank you very much.

Answers (2)

Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu on 17 Dec 2018
Hi Guillaume ,
Follow the instructions provided in Raspberry Pi - Run on Target Hardware to deploy a MATLAB function onto Raspberry Pi.

Guillaume on 19 Dec 2018
Hi Mohith,
Thank you very much for your answer! I will try it and get back when I have more information about it.

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