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How to matching different numbers of features?

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I'm working on a fingerprint matching program. The extracted features are minutiae, each of these features contains the location (x , y) and angle of direction (o). The number of features extracted from images varies, where the features matrix not the same numbers of rows.
How can I match different numbers of features?
If I use the Euclidean distance, the matrix of features must be equal in dimensions, also If I want to train neural network, the matrix of features must be equal in dimensions.

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linda Nankabirwa
linda Nankabirwa on 13 Oct 2018
Hello,did you get the solution because am also having the same problem matching features with different dimensions can't figure out how to match.Please help if you got a solution.thanks

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Oct 2018

linda Nankabirwa
linda Nankabirwa on 27 Oct 2018
thanks so much for the reply
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Mahmoud Hassan
Mahmoud Hassan on 6 Dec 2018
hello, i think that i am working on the same project you are working " minutiae feature extraction " , can i contact with you ?!

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