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How do you have text boxes appear in parallel processing?

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I cant get multiple dialog boxes to run in parallel processing. I have a while loop that runs while the handles of dialog box is running. Once the handles are deleted, the while loop stops. I tried to do this in the parallel processing toolbox but I got the following warning message and the dialog box was suppressed.
Starting matlabpool using the 'local' configuration ... connected to 2 labs. Lab 1: Warning: This functionality is no longer supported under the -nodisplay and -noFigureWindows startup options. For more information, see "Changes to -nodisplay and -noFigureWindows Startup Options" in the MATLAB Release Notes. To view the release note in your system browser, run web('', '-browser') > In uitools\private\warnfiguredialog at 19 In dialog at 37 In msgbox at 216 In warndlg at 46 In gameoverdlg at 3 In countparalleltest at 2 In remoteBlockExecution at 47
Does anyone have a work around?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 Jun 2012
This is not something I have investigated myself, but information I have seen indicates that the workers are run without access to graphics.
I do not know what kind of communications are possible between a GUI and a worker; I would think there would have to be some way.


Nathan Orloff
Nathan Orloff on 28 Jun 2012
I tried passing figure handles to a worker and that was unsuccessful too.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jun 2012
I considered passing handles for a moment but realized that would probably not work. A handle graphic handle is just a double precision number as far as passing data around is concerned, so it would just be a number on the worker. When trying to make use of that number, the worker would look in the handle graphics store of its own process (each worker is a different process, I believe), and it wouldn't find it.
There is a chance that passing handle() of the numeric handle might get a graphics object into the worker, but I would not expect that the graphics objects in the distinct processes to be synchronized together.
If you were using smpd and could get the status update into one worker, you could use a lab broadcast to get it to the other workers. I do not, however, know how to get the information into that first process.

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