Is Varying Transfer Function description wrong?

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In Varying Transfer Function ( settings dialog showed the following equation:
b0 + b1 s + ... + bN s^N
H(s) = --------------------------------
a0 + a1 s + ... + s^N
This equatin also showed as block image.
But in block help article it says:
b0 + b1 s + ... + bN s^N
H(s) = --------------------------------
1 + a1 s + ... + aN s^N
I think the second formula is correctly describing this block, but in both cases I can't set one coefficient in denominator. Is there a way to set all coefficients in denominator?

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Raghunandan V
Raghunandan V on 5 Oct 2018
You can take a0 common and make the first coefficient 1. from this you can set all the coefficient and then multiply the whole block by (1/a0).
Mar on 10 Jan 2019
Can you show how this looks like in Simulink?

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