Re-accessing arrays from live scripts

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ohmstead on 9 Oct 2018
Answered: Jared MacDonald on 4 May 2020
I just started using live scripts this week, and am loving them. Today, I reopened one from yesterday and wanted access to the struct that I created in the last session. The output of the creation is saved in the script:
actual_sesh_list = 1x285 struct array with fields:
But it's not available in my workspace. Is there any way to save array outputs in the live script itself, without actually saving/reloading variables at the end/start of each session of the same script?

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Jared MacDonald
Jared MacDonald on 4 May 2020
Hi ohmstead,
Currently, live scripts do not restore the variables into the workspace when you open them. You must re-run the script, or save and reload from a .MAT file, as you've noted. But we've made a note of your interest in this capability.


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