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simulink sends data to excel real time?

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elham modaresi
elham modaresi on 19 Oct 2018
Answered: Jaswanth on 7 Feb 2024
Hi everyone! How can simulink sends data to excel real time?

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 7 Feb 2024
I understand that you would like to export Simulink data to excel real time. As per my knowledge, there is no feature at present that can directly export data to excel, real time. However, following workaround could be helpful:
  1. In your Simulink model, drag and drop the ‘To Workspace’ block from the Simulink library. Configure the block to set Variable name, Save format and Sample time. Make sure to connect the output signal(s) that you want to record to the To Workspace block and run the simulation.
  2. After the simulation is complete, the data will be available in the MATLAB workspace under the name you specified in the To Workspace block's parameters.
  3. Use MATLAB's ‘writetable’ function to write the table to an Excel file.
For more information on the blocks and functions mentioned above, kindly refer to the following MathWorks documentations
  1. Log data to workspace from Simulink model - Simulink (
  2. Write table to file - MATLAB writetable (
I hope the provided details are helpful.


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