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modifying block under the mask

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Hegedus Csaba Lajos
Hegedus Csaba Lajos on 25 Oct 2018
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have a module "PM Synchronous Motor Drive" that I want to modidy according to
On the original block interface there is just one option to give the motor the parameters, can I just look under the mask, add the necessary parameters to the motor block and run it like this?
Moreover can it cause problems that the original interface has different parameters than the actual motor block under the mask?

Answers (2)

Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M on 8 Nov 2018
You can right click and select Look under Mask to see whats inside. You can also copy the contents and create your own masked subsystem with increased parameters as you wish!

Hegedus Csaba Lajos
Hegedus Csaba Lajos on 11 Nov 2018
I already do, but thanks :)

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