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print('-RGBImage', '-r0') for invisible figure

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Haider Ali
Haider Ali on 27 Oct 2018
Edited: Haider Ali on 27 Oct 2018
I need to get the cdata of a .fig file using print('-RGBImage', '-r0') which is opened using openfig(_,'invisible') command. The problem is that the figure is not opened maximized and thus the print('-RGBImage', '-r0') command does not output image at screen resolution but at a lower one. But when I use openfig(_) with 'visible' option and then maximize the 'WindowState' of that figure, then print('-RGBImage', '-r0') outputs the data at my desired screens resolution.
The code for these two cases is given below:
First case: 'invisible'
f = openfig('test', 'visible');
f.WindowState = 'maximized';
im1 = print('-RGBImage', '-r0');
The im1 dimensions are 420x560x3 (not desired)
Second case: 'visible'
f = openfig('test', 'visible'); f.WindowState = 'maximized'; im2 = print('-RGBImage', '-r0');
The im2 dimensions are 783x1600x3 (desired)
My question is: how can I get the full screen resolution image while opening the figure using 'invisible' option?

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