Model a dipole antenna in salt water

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Adam Cankaya
Adam Cankaya on 28 Oct 2018
Answered: Shashank Kulkarni on 27 Feb 2019
I'd like to model the radiation pattern for a 2.7Ghz half wavelength dipole antenna immersed in salt water. Can anyone suggest a strategy for doing this in Matlab/Antenna Toolbox? Can I just change the free space medium properties to match salt water? Or do I need to create some solid geometry surrounding the antenna and give this region the properties of salt water? Or a different method?
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Keith Barkley
Keith Barkley on 12 Nov 2018
Why not just surround the whole antenna with a groundplane? Salt water is conductive.

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Shashank Kulkarni
Shashank Kulkarni on 27 Feb 2019
Hi Adam,
You can start with the default reflector antenna object. The exciter in this case is a dipole.
The refletcor object has a property called Substrate. Change the eps_r and loss tanget to match the properties of the sea water. Would that be ok?


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