dynamic Mask for a subsystem based on user input

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Hello all, I am a beginner, I am trying to understand masking for a subsystem, what I was trying to do is based on the number of in ports user specify I wanted to create the same number of in ports in the subsystem, I created a edit box with a parameter n and in initialization I created a dialog variable n, with the following code, while n add_block('built-in/Inport',[gcb,n]); n=n-1; end % switch
My scope is to assign the port name with value of 'n'.
the problem I am facing is the ports are created outside the subsystem and the name of the port is not as I expected and every time it runs it creates an additional port.

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Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M on 10 Nov 2018
You may need to specify path of subsystem instead of gcb. The name of the block should be a string. Is "n" a number? Use: [gcb,,'/',num2str(n)]





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