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how do I change a task priority in simulink

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With periodic tasks is there a way to manually set a higher rate task to lower priority than a lower rate task? Is task priority only set based on higher frequency tasks having higher priorities?

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Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M on 8 Nov 2018
By task priority, do you mean execution order? If yes, you can activate in Menu: Display -> Blocks -> Sorted Execution Order to view the order of execution. You can also change the execution order through properties.
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Paul Sanfilippo
Paul Sanfilippo on 8 Nov 2018
No, I want to change the priority of my actual threads on the target OS so that a lower frequency thread is higher priority than a higher frequency thread. I think the block order is just a static ordering within each thread. It looks like by default it makes higher frequency threads higher priority. Priority gets assigned based on ordering of frequencies in an array in ertposixthread.tlc so I think I need to change the thread frequency ordering in the model if that is possible.

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