how to create a changing variable for fsolve?

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i want fsolve to calculate the output for different uc each time (increasing uc by 0.001 each time). each output from fsolve should be sent to a simulink model seperatly. so i set a loop to do so, but i believe that at the currenty constellation (if it will work)will just calculate 1000 different values? is there a way to send out the values seperately?
if not, how can i create a parameter uc. that goes from 0 to say 1000? i tried uc=0:0.1:1000, but again, the demension doen't seem to fit.
how do i create a function that takes the next element of a vector/matrix each time the function is called?
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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jul 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 6 Jul 2012
function Result = f(YourArray)
persistent iteration_number
if isempty(iteration_number); iteration_number = 0; end
iteration_number = iteration_number + 1;
if iteration_number > numel(YourArray);
Result = [];
iteration_number = []; %reset for next cycle
Result = some expression in YourArray(iteration_number)
Please also read the documentation for fsolve() as you cannot pass in parameters the way you do. Please see the section about parameterizing the function.
Hana on 8 Jul 2012
thank you, i will try that. &thanks for taking time answering my questions :)

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