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How to put a string in a text file to define headers to data?

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Here is my code. I'm trying to make a header for columns of data, but everytime I run only the data remains in the file. Please help! Thanks.
for k=1:3
fprintf(filename1, '# GHz S DB 50');
for j=1:3
M(j,1) = k;
M(j,2) = k;
M(j,3) = k;


Bob Nbob
Bob Nbob on 15 Nov 2018
Are you sure the headers are printing in the first place? Typically when I print headers for data I end up needing to open the file with fopen before the headers will print for me.

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Accepted Answer

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 15 Nov 2018
The issue is here:
fprintf(filename1, '# GHz S DB 50');
fprintf doesn't accept a file name, it need an open, writable file-id
fid = fopen(filename1,'w');
fprintf(fid, '# GHz S DB 50');
Then things should work as you expect


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