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Tommy on 7 Jul 2012
I have a group of .mat files, which have continuous number of name, i.e. from W_star_1.mat to W_star_300.mat. Could I write a code using "for i=1:300" loop to load all of them instead of loading them one by one? Thank you very much.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 7 Jul 2012
Edited: the cyclist on 7 Jul 2012
If you are certain that there is no overlap in variables in all those files, then you can use
for i = 1:300
but if some of the variables overlap, you'll need to load them into separate structures, to ensure that later loads don't overwrite earlier ones.
for i = 1:300
S{i} = load(['W_star_',num2str(i),'.mat'])
Then you'll need to extract the variables from the structures.

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mohammad on 7 Jul 2012
First you can save them when all of them are on the workspace
save(['name', '.mat']);
then use
load(['name', '.mat']);


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