Simulink¿how to change parameters over time ?

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jiraiya-boy on 19 Nov 2018
Commented: Arunkumar M on 19 Nov 2018
Hi,I am new in simulink and I have the following problem:
I need to specify that 2 Parameters, 'b' and 'p' ,change over time. 'b' and 'p' must be 0 when 0<time<10 , 'b' and 'p' must be 5 and 0.008 when 10<time<20, and 'b' and 'p' must be 2 and 0.8 when 10<time<20.
I share you the exercise and my program in the attached files.

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Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M on 19 Nov 2018
Edited: Arunkumar M on 19 Nov 2018
b = [0 0;10 5;20 2];
p = [0 0;10 0.008;20 0.8];
Create b and p arrays in workspace like shown above - first column is time and second column has the variable value at corresponding time.
Insert From Workspace block into your simulink model and in datafield enter b
Remove check mark in interpolate data and set Holding Final value for Form output data after final value.
Do the same for parameter p also.
Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M on 19 Nov 2018
@madhan ravi will do :) thanks for the tip

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