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How many hours do MATLAB self-paced courses last about?

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Is it possible to see a list of the time required to complete each MATLAB self-paced course?
I remember it was mentioned for each course, but I'm not able to find it anymore.


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Accepted Answer

Brendan Hamm
Brendan Hamm on 27 Nov 2018
Each of the self-paced courses will show a "detailed course outline" on the course page. These will list the number of "days", whereby in the equivalent instructor led course a day is 7 hours of course time.
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Programming Techniques would each be approx. 14 hours.
Fundamentals and Financial Applications would be approx. 21 hours.
Data Processing and Visualization would be approx. 7 hours.
All of the OnRamp courses would be approx 2 hours in length.

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