Matlab R2018b throws this error when I work with Simulink library blocks

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Sometimes, not all the time, when I click on a block to manipulate it or its mask, the Simulink window freezes and Matlab outputs the error above in the command window.
After this Matlab becomes unresponsive, it crashes and spits out the "Matlab has encountered an internal problem and needs to close" error.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answers (3)

Richard Smith
Richard Smith on 6 Dec 2018
Edited: Richard Smith on 6 Dec 2018
Having experienced it quite a few times now, I think it happens when I'm working with masked blocks with undefined parameters and the Display/Error & Warnings option is enabled.

Yavor Dobrev
Yavor Dobrev on 7 Dec 2018
Seeing the same problem here. I can confirm that the problem occurs when working with masked blocks. Not easy to reproduce, but very annoying.

Sebastian Schulte
Sebastian Schulte on 11 Feb 2020
Same here. I have a S-Function + Mask without library




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