Phase unwrapping in 2D

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matnewbie on 28 Dec 2018
Commented: matnewbie on 3 Jan 2019
I need to perform phase unwrapping in 2D using MATLAB, but the unwrap function seems to work only in 1D.
I want to have a routine similar to this one, available in a Python library:
Any suggestions?

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Amal George M
Amal George M on 3 Jan 2019
Depending on what your data looks like, you may be able to simply use "unwrap" on the two different dimensions.
A = unwrap(A,[],1);
A = unwrap(A,[],2);
This is not generally true however, to unwrap data in two dimensions may need more advanced algorithms; unfortunately these are not built into MATLAB.
There are a number of user submitted functions on MATLAB central though which may help your further:
Note that MathWorks does not offer support on MATLAB Central submissions. For help or comments on functions provided on MATLAB Central please contact the authors of the functions.
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matnewbie on 3 Jan 2019
Using unwrap twice doesn't work. I will try the user submitted functions on MATLAB central. Thank you for your help.

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