How would I modify the output for the answers in the program I've written?

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Aaron on 22 Jul 2012
I've created a simple program to convert inches to centimeters and pounds to kilograms and I would like to reduce the number of digits after the zero. Problem is I'm not sure how for this problem?
inches = input('Please enter the height in inches: ');
pounds = input('Please enter the weight in pounds: ');
if inches <= 0
display('Height must be greater than zero!');break;
elseif pounds <= 0
display('Weight must be greater than zero!');break;
[Centimeters,Kilograms] = convert_height(inches, pounds)
I get the answers in order (within brackets) but I'm also getting way too many digits than I need.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 22 Jul 2012
Edited: Jan on 22 Jul 2012
Either limit the number of shown digits by
format short g
(see: help format), or display your data explicitly:
[Centimeters,Kilograms] = convert_height(inches, pounds);
fprintf('%.3f %.3f', Centimeters, Kilograms);

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