Accessing Data on External Server

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SR on 31 Jan 2019
Commented: Laurie on 31 Jan 2020
I have many terabytes of data stored on an external server that I would like to access from my local laptop. Is there a way to map a path to an external server? I don't want to copy the files locally since they are far too big to fit on the local computer. Rather, I want to use matlab to read a series of external files and extract a single variable from each and then save that variable locally. Is there a way for for me to access files on an external server without moving them locally?

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Laurie on 30 Jan 2020
I have the exact same question than you. Have you found a solution to your problem since then?
Thank you
Laurie on 31 Jan 2020
Thank you for your prompt reply, I will try to adapt that on Windows.

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