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Determine number of times file has been accessed

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I would like to know how many times a particular file has been accessed (by Windows or otherwise). I know you can get "Last Accessed" for a particular file....but is is possible to know the number of times a file has been accessed? how would you go about doing something like that?

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Jan on 23 Jul 2012
This question cannot be solved within Matlab. Therefore I suggest to ask a Windows forum.

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 23 Jul 2012
In Windows, you can set this up using built-in tools on the OS, similar to the following example:
The accesses will show up in the Event Viewer.
Keep in mind that the more files you monitor, the more load this puts on the system.
I'm not aware of a way to do it other than setting up this more strict monitoring, unless you wanted to do something like serve it through a web server and have one of those "this page has been accessed X times" counters.


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