Extracting a response time in simulink

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So I have a control system in simulink which I have put into a test harness and I want to find the response time for that system to a step function. So I made a subsystem that returns a 1 when the demand and output systems are within 1% of each other and want to be able to extract a response time by taking the time taken for the 1 to appear away from the time at which the step function switches on but I'm stuck on how to do this. Any ideas?
TAB on 27 Jul 2012
Edited: TAB on 27 Jul 2012
You can use Compare block to check when data is moved to 1. Is it not OK for you ?
Oliver McEnteggart
Oliver McEnteggart on 27 Jul 2012
That's what I have used but how to I get the value of t when it moves to 1 from that?

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TAB on 27 Jul 2012
Edited: TAB on 27 Jul 2012
Ok, I think you need Sources\Clock block.
It gives the simulation time. You can capture the time output of this block when your comparision satisfied.
You can log the your data to workspace using To Workspace block selecting format as structure with time. Thus data will be saved in structure format at each time step.After simulation, using matlab commands you can find when the data reached to 1.
K E on 27 Jul 2012
I second the suggestion of post-processing in Matlab. You could check your calculation with plots etc.

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