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I have created an app in app designer which includes one file exchange function(xlsappend), when creating a standalone app how do I include that file exchange function?

Asked by H.K. Sardana on 1 Mar 2019
Latest activity Answered by Rupesh Gosavi on 1 Mar 2019
the file exchange function should be included by the compiler at the time of packaging, to be able to access it,every time it execute the code. How do I include the file? or is there any modification in the code needed?

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If you click on Share > Standalone Destop App there is a field called "Files required for you application to run". I haven't tested it, but if you add the xlsappend.m file there before packaging it should work. If it works let me know.

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1 Answer

Answer by Rupesh Gosavi on 1 Mar 2019

'App Designer' is a good addition to the list of toolboxes in MATLAB, but I prefer to go with traditional approach of GUI design and then converting it to MATLAB App. This traditional approcah gives you freedom to add multiple files while designing creating an app using 'Package App' option. Attaching the files would never be a problem with GUIDE and Package App options. You can try that and it will surely solve your challenges.


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