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Vector operatin in Matlab

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klipya on 30 Jul 2012
I have to programme a proccess but I don't know how to do it.
I have a vector called 'x' :
X= 1 2 3 4 5 6
On the other hand, another called y (related with x).
Y= 0.1 0. 3 0.4 0.8 0.3 0.5
Then, I have another table that also is from 1 to 6 (the x vector is the same). But this table has only numbers in the 5, 6 and 7th position.
Y1= - - - 0.2323 0.25656 0.8
I need to create one new vector that multiply the y values with the y1 but I don't know how to do it in Matlab.
Greetings and thanks a lot in advance,
Jan on 31 Jul 2012
The vector does not have a 7th position, because it has 6 elements only.
Please explain this sentence again, what are you needing exactly. "Creating a new vector that multiply y with y1" is not sufficient to understand, what you want to achieve. I cannot imagine, what the "-" in the vector should be.
klipya on 1 Aug 2012
Edited: klipya on 1 Aug 2012
Thanks Jan for your reply. Yes, you are right, it only has 6 elements, sorry. The '-' element, mean that there aren't any value there. So, for example: I need that the code multiply, on one hand, 6(x)*0.5(y) and, on the other hand, also 6*0.8(y1). And then I need multiply the result of both elements. On the first position I need:
1(x)*0.1(y1) and 1*nothing (becaure there aren't any value, so I need a '0' result).
Why I'm doing this? Because I have one vector called x, one another called y and the last one, y1. And I need that the y1 don't do 1*0.2323 because it's not on the same position (it has to be 1* 0 because there aren't any position).
I don't know if I'm explaining well. I hope yes! Thanks a lot! ;)
Pd) I can't not do it if the size of the vectors are different?

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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 30 Jul 2012
Edited: Andrei Bobrov on 1 Aug 2012
Y= [0.1 0.3 0.4 0.8 0.3 0.5];
Y1 = [0.2323 0.25656 0.8];
out = [zeros(1,numel(Y1)-numel(Y)),Y].*[zeros(1,numel(Y)-numel(Y1)),Y1];
Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 2 Aug 2012
Please give simple numeric example
klipya on 3 Aug 2012
This is what I've done:
graf=0; for p=(101:180) graf(p)=out1_c; end for p=(171:240) graf(p)=out2_c; end
And I create the document Y1 with O in the places that I don't need and it works.

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venkat vasu
venkat vasu on 30 Jul 2012


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