How to route a signal without routing it through every layer in a simulink model

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Is there anyway to route or find the value of a signal that is in a reference model several subsystems below the outer level directly into the test harness. The idea is I want to specifically look at a certain signal without altering the model too much so this signal can be compared between many reference model.
Thanks in advance.

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Ryan G
Ryan G on 31 Jul 2012
You can try different methods of signal logging or possibly a globally visible tag, although I'm not sure how well a global tag would work.
Using a goto/from tag pair you can use goto tag visibility to set the tag to global and access it from the top level of the model. Again, not sure how model referencing will effect this.
The other option is you can right click the signal line an go to signal properties. Inside you can select to log the signal which you also have to enable in configuration parameters.

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