Delay/Pause After command in R2012a

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Brad Humphreys
Brad Humphreys on 31 Jul 2012
I use MATLAB on Linux and recently installed it on a Windows 7 machine (R2012a). On the windows machine I am having an issue where it there is a long pause (10-30seconds) after I issue a command in the command window. Any command: 1+1, ls, etc. This happens whenever I don't use MATLAB for approximately 30seconds or so and come back and then enter a command. If I enter commands in relatively quick succession, there is no pause. I tried a complete reinstall and I get the same behavior. Ideas?

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John Petersen
John Petersen on 31 Jul 2012
Edited: John Petersen on 31 Jul 2012
If you have low memory due to memory hogging applications or you have very little RAM there could be a delay when you switch applications if Win7 has to swap RAM space with the hard drive. If this is your problem, add more usable memory or reduce the number of apps running when Matlab is up.

Brad Humphreys
Brad Humphreys on 31 Jul 2012
Just trying to state that I only have this issue R2012a when installed on Windows 7.
This happens irrespective of processor/mem usage (8GB total with 5GB available; 7% processor usage). Swap space is huge, no problem running other demanding apps.
Once executed, even demanding commands do not execute slowly; it just takes several seconds to get them to execute if I have not been working in the command window. Java issue?
Brad Humphreys
Brad Humphreys on 31 Jul 2012
Current directory only has 7 directories and 6 files. After getting it to work, rehash is normal. I also tried removing all but the default directories in the path. No help.

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Brad Humphreys
Brad Humphreys on 31 Jul 2012
For example, I just executed: tic, toc
There was a long pause of about 10 seconds then I get: Elapsed time is 0.000005 seconds.


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