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MATLABWindow.exe crashes when closing app or app creator

Asked by Daniel Nimmo on 13 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Daniel Nimmo on 18 Mar 2019
Hey folks,
We've started getting a strange set of error messages (see attached) each time we close a UI app, or when closing the App Creator... it doesn't seem to cause any problems, with MATLAB continuing to run fine, and we can reopen the apps just fine afterwords - just annoying! It happens each and every time we perform these actions, with this error message coming up twice in a row before disappearing... Anyone know what could cause this?
EDIT: I've just found out that a colleague is experiencing the same issue in 2018b


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1 Answer

Answer by Arvind Sathyanarayanan on 14 Mar 2019

I beileve this is a bug with 2017b. I faced a similar issue when I used app.delete; to close my app. Have you tired installing the latest update for 2107b (Update 9)?


I've just had a look - it is the same app on both versions of MATLAB that caused the initial problem.
Additionally, I've just checked and the System Identification and Signal Analyser apps cause the same problems, which the SimBiology, MATLAB Coder and Optimization apps don't (out of the "sample" I tested just there)
I think your best course of action would be to call the Mathworks techinical support.
Yep, I feared as much :-( cheers for your help!

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