How to create Autoencoder whit different input and output

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Sarin on 14 Mar 2019
Answered: BERGHOUT Tarek on 9 Apr 2019
I would like to use autoencoder in the way when input data is not the same as output, but dimension of input and output is same.The problem is that matlab autoencoder does not support differents inputs and outputs.

Answers (1)

BERGHOUT Tarek on 9 Apr 2019
autoencoders are used to this purpose the input must be equal the the target ; this is why they named as autoencoders (they encode a set of inputs to the hidden layer);
if you want to use inputs different then the output it will never be longer an autoencoder it will be any type of neural net but the autoencoders; you can use a feedforword net to train your model but not for coding or encoding , may be these applications : learning , clustering, cllassification or regression. check this : first paragraph ,line 4.

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