clear, clear all and tic toc time

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selim on 2 Aug 2012
Hello everyone, What is the difference between ''clear;'' and ''clear all;'' when starting an algorithm? As i see, ''clear all;'' takes much time and erases everything in workspace.
per isakson
per isakson on 2 Aug 2012
Did you read the documentation on CLEAR?
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 2 Aug 2012
The need for either means you are not using functions and hence not doing it right.

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Accepted Answer

venkat vasu
venkat vasu on 2 Aug 2012
clear Clear variables and functions from memory.
clear removes all variables from the workspace.
clear VARIABLES does the same thing.
clear GLOBAL removes all global variables.
clear FUNCTIONS removes all compiled MATLAB and MEX-functions.
clear ALL removes all variables, globals, functions and MEX links.
clear ALL at the command prompt also clears the base import list.

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