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How to adjust the intensity of series of images?

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Dear Mathworks,
I have a series of greyscale images, which some of them are darker than the others. How can I adjust their intensity (all together!!)?
Cheers, Violet

Accepted Answer

venkat vasu
venkat vasu on 2 Aug 2012
>>help imadjust imadjust Adjust image intensity values or colormap. J = imadjust(I) maps the values in intensity image I to new values in J such that 1% of data is saturated at low and high intensities of I. This increases the contrast of the output image J.
I = imread('pout.tif'); J = imadjust(I); figure, imshow(I), figure, imshow(J)
K = imadjust(I,[0.3 0.7],[]);
figure, imshow(K)
RGB1 = imread('football.jpg');
RGB2 = imadjust(RGB1,[.2 .3 0; .6 .7 1],[]);
figure, imshow(RGB1), figure, imshow(RGB2)
Violet P
Violet P on 2 Aug 2012
Hi venkat, Thank you for your answer. Actually I have SERIES of images (series of CT images of lung) and because of device error some of them are darker (randomly)! Now I want them all together to be adjusted (as they were taken with a fixed device!)
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Aug 2012
Edited: Image Analyst on 3 Aug 2012
But they were taken with a fixed device. Or maybe a broken device. Maybe you should have your CT machine serviced. Also, the intensity will vary from slice to slice due to the anatomy so you can't look at the mean. Maybe you have some chance if you can find something that's known to be constant from one slice to the next, like a rib bone or something.
By the way, don't accept "Answers" that aren't solutions to your question lest it discourage other people from answering. Plus it's good if one explains everything in the original post so people don't give solutions to things that aren't your situation and then the questioner has spend more time correcting them and explaining further.

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