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Converting MATLAB code to Arduino code

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Ricky Sidlowski
Ricky Sidlowski on 27 Mar 2019
Commented: madhan ravi on 27 Mar 2019
I need to convert this code made in MATLAB for use using the Arduino program which I believe uses C code. I am not sure how to do so and any help will be apreciated! It is for filtering data a data set.
function Hd = Lowpass_2
%LOWPASS_2 Returns a discrete-time filter object.
% Generated by MATLAB(R) 9.5 and Signal Processing Toolbox 8.1.
% Generated on: 08-Mar-2019 11:28:05
% Equiripple Lowpass filter designed using the FIRPM function.
% All frequency values are in Hz.
Fs = 100; % Sampling Frequency
Fpass = 0.4; % Passband Frequency
Fstop = 0.45; % Stopband Frequency
Dpass = 0.057501127785; % Passband Ripple
Dstop = 0.0001; % Stopband Attenuation
dens = 20; % Density Factor
% Calculate the order from the parameters using FIRPMORD.
[N, Fo, Ao, W] = firpmord([Fpass, Fstop]/(Fs/2), [1 0], [Dpass, Dstop]);
% Calculate the coefficients using the FIRPM function.
b = firpm(N, Fo, Ao, W, {dens});
Hd = dfilt.dffir(b);
% [EOF]

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 27 Mar 2019
Have a look into Embedded coder and MATLAB coder.

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