mw_setbook command not found

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jianwei zhou
jianwei zhou on 28 Mar 2019
Commented: JT Ferrara on 25 Apr 2022
when i execute HDL Workflow Advisor,in the final step Program target device, i met the problem :STDERR:bash:mw_setboot:command not found.
what causes this problem?please help
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paul b
paul b on 16 May 2019
Having the same issue with an ADRV9361 board and HDL workflow advisor. Where does the mw_setboot utility come from?

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JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 18 Feb 2020
The "mw_setboot" command is part of the MathWorks Linux image that comes with one of the following Embedded Coder hardware support packages:
The Linux images are available for the supported hardware boards. The list of supported boards can be found in the pages linked above.
JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 25 Apr 2022
Please refer to the following example for information on how to author your own MathWorks-compatible Linux image:
This example uses the ZYBO board to demonstrate the workflow, but a similar workflow would be followed for other boards.
Please note that this example provides instructions to create a Linux image that is compatible with the HW/SW Codesign workflow using HDL Coder and Embedded Coder. There may be additional Linux image configurations needed for the Vision HDL Toolbox workflow, depending on which features are being utilized.

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