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How do I get my MATLAB editor to display and read characters in another encoding?

Asked by Sinan Cai on 30 Mar 2019
Latest activity Answered by Etsuo Maeda on 2 Apr 2019
I need to read some m file written with comments in Japanses. However since my system locale is in Chinese, the comments displayed in the MATLAB editor is a total mess. When I change my system locale to Japanese, those comments can be displayed in the MATLAB editor correctly. I think those m file is in some Japanses enoding like Shift_JIS or EUC_JP, not in UNICODE. Can I solve this problem without changing my system locale?

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I don't think so...I'd suggest this worthy of a support request to TMW if you have support license for a workaround.
Best I can think of since the LOCALE is system-wide would be to find another application to display the file in while you work on it in the ML editor...but, I'll admit I don't know what that specific application might be. :(
I don't suppose there's any chance to use one of the online translation 'bots to make anything intelligible from the Japanese comments???

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Answer by Etsuo Maeda on 2 Apr 2019
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As dpb menstioned, the answer is ... no.
As you expected, 'ja_JP.Shift_JIS' is used for Japanese encoding in Windows OS with Japanese locale.
you can confirm your MATLAB system encoding using following command:
feature locale
As a workaround, please try to use an external text editor which can change text encoding.


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