how to generate different sequence everytime using randsrc

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Lynn Pang
Lynn Pang on 30 Mar 2019
Commented: Lynn Pang on 5 Apr 2019
i tried to created a 48X1 array of randomized M and Z and need to run it for 4 times (each generate a different randomised M and Z sequence )
i have used :
a = randsrc(1,48, [77 90 ; 0.45 0.55],48)
but all of the sequence i have got are the same. i dont know wheere i went wrong . can anyone shed some light on this .
thanks .

Accepted Answer

Amal George M
Amal George M on 2 Apr 2019
This is expected since the function is seeded with a value.
If you remove the seed, the function will assume a random seed each time it is run.

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