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How can I integrate SimscapeBlock (Exponential Diode) into SubSystem (with powergui) electrical network?

I have created a Buck-Converter using the Simscape Specialized Power Systems blocks, but the only load I can connect is a Diode of the wrong characteristics.
I have already decided on my LED, and I am thus trying to simulate my Buck-converter for this specific LED. I have fitted with the regular diode block an exponential diode with the right characteristics, but I am unable to connect the two seemingly different data types in my simulation. Searching around the library i don't seem to find any converter able to connect these systems.
Thus I am looking for some clarifications as to how I can solve this issue.


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Answer by Arvind Sathyanarayanan on 1 Apr 2019
 Accepted Answer

You'll have use the current-voltage simscape interface to do this. Please this and this.