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Bezier surface to CAD program

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Hi all,
I would very much like to export a Bezier surface which I had created in MATLAB to a CAD program, preffirabily Solidworks.
Looking around, it seems to me that this task is not as trivial as one would suspect. I was looking into IGES format which seems to work with B-Splines rather than Bezier.
The Bezier surface is currently of degree mxn, but I can limit it to bi-cubic if the solution demands.
I would very much appreicaite guidance on this issue.
The project I am working on aims to help create prosthetics from scanned limbs.

Accepted Answer

Unai San Miguel
Unai San Miguel on 18 Jun 2019
With the Nurbs2IGES toolbox found in MATLAB File Exchange
there are functions provided to export your surface to IGES. I don't think that you will need to change the order or the degree of the surface, and remember that a Bezier surface is a B-spline surface with knot vectors [0,...0,1,...,1] in the two parametric directions.

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