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Setting -configCluster- in Matlab 2018b

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I am using Matlab parallel toolbox on the R2018b version.
In the past (Matlab R2017a) I was successfully using the following inital settings to then run parallel simulations on a cluster of computers:
c = parcluster('rackham');
c.JobStorageLocation = 'output_folder';
% other additional settings here
The critical step here was calling configCluster at the beginning. This would allow to define a proper value for JobStorageLocation.
Now when using Matlab R2018b I get the error:
Undefined function or variable 'configCluster'
If I skip the command and directly set c I get the error:
The JobStorageLocation of a cluster must be an accessible folder on the current machine's filesystem. The value supplied (/scratch/stelo424/8451723) is not a valid folder.
Can you suggest a way to fix this? Is now the configCluster command called another way? I cannot find information on this.


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Accepted Answer

Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 9 Apr 2019
configCluster sounds like a tool that was developed at your site -- I am not familiar with it, and I can't find any references in the MATLAB documentation for those releases. I'll bet that it was something added to the path as part of your site install.
If you still have access to the earlier installation, you could use "which clusterConfig" to find out where it was coming from. It's very possible that the code would continue to work without modification.
Using your command, I found the documentation for your cluster -- I would suggest contacting the support email.


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