Hello; nedd help in order to learn programmation

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I am new as user Matlab
I need a Matlab code that can use the gradient backpropagation to learn a neural network in order to calculate the capacitance "C" of a capacitor according to its three parameters "S" "," d "and" ε "with the formula C = ε. (S / d)
S = 1
d = 2
ε = 3
in order to see the evolution of the program and the commands used

Accepted Answer

BERGHOUT Tarek on 11 Apr 2019
u can use this one here it is very simple (do not forget to leave a comment and rate the application ) Merci.

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farouk kermezli
farouk kermezli on 14 Apr 2019
bonjour tarek
merci beaucoup mon frere je vais le voir et le simuler sur matlab en changenat ce qui a a achanger bien sur.


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