boundingBox of a feture in an image

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I found the boundingBoxes of my feture using Regionprop(a,'BoundingBox');. As my feture is having many parts i got many bounding boxes. when i plot them on image i am getting someboxes are subset of other box. so i want to remove that overlaying part. help me with this....
Thank You.....
Screenshot from 2019-04-25 18-52-24.png
i don't want the boxes inside any other box

Accepted Answer

Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan on 25 Apr 2019
You can use bboxOverlapRatio() to get the ratio and then set a threshold of what is acceptable for plotting or not. A better approach might be what are you passing to region props? Are you looking for color, contrast, etc? If you filter your image more before passing it to region props you may get more desirable results (e.g. bwareafilt())

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