How can I import one column of data from a txt file into a variable?

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How can I import one column of data from a text file into a variable?
I want to import the second column of data from a file called "MyData"
A =importdata('MyData.txt');
f =,2);
The following error message appears:
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Error in Lab3 (line 3)
f =,2);
The column I want to import is a column of numbers (ex. 0.4963)
Thank you in advance!!

Answers (1)

Mark Sherstan
Mark Sherstan on 25 Apr 2019
Try without the "."
A = importdata('myData.txt');
f = A(:,2)
I also included my .txt file in case you have your set up differently.


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