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How to convert xlswrite to writematrix?

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Jojo Blanza
Jojo Blanza on 7 May 2019
Commented: Jeremy Hughes on 8 May 2019
I have a code that uses xlswrite and works in R2016. When I run it in R2019a Matlab online, it gives an error on xlswrite and suggests to use writematrix instead. I followed the format of writematrix, however, there is still an error using writematrix. How do I convert xlswrite to writematrix? Thanks.
dpb on 7 May 2019
Ah...I was unaware of that tho makes sense...that in fact is likely the root cause indeed for xlswrite; still indeterminate for writematrix

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Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 7 May 2019
XLSWRITE can write either a matrix (e.g. [ 1 2 4;5 7 8] or a cell {'a' 'b';'c' 'd'})
If your input is a cell, use WRITECELL.
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 8 May 2019
Based on the comment below:
should be:

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Jojo Blanza
Jojo Blanza on 8 May 2019
Appreciate your responses.
Here are the errors:
Error using writematrix (line 134)
Invalid parameter name: Indo_Sing_Wide_LOS-1
Error in A_DataGeneration (line 207)
Apologies for forgeting to include the errors.
Thanks for your answers.
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dpb on 8 May 2019
What if you use writematrix but to a text file? I'm betting odds are good that will work and if so it's related to the issue of is Excel actually supported for the platform you're trying to write to as Guillaume suggested.
But, it would still be agoodthing™ if we could see the actual form of the data you're trying to write; I wonder with the variable name dataset are you, by any chance, using a ML table or the old Statistics TB dataset class, are you??? But, if the latter, that variable name is aliasing the constructor for the class...
What does
whos dataset
return at command line?

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