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how to convert datetime array to double

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awhan 99
awhan 99 on 11 May 2019
Commented: Robert Garnett on 17 Feb 2020
How can I convert the datetime array to Double? for example,
>> dt = datetime( '08:07:53', 'InputFormat', 'HH:mm:ss' );
>> dt.Format = 'HH:mm:ss';
>> T1 = (dt + hours(1:5)+seconds(1:5))'


Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 4 Jun 2019
You probably don't need to convert to double. What are you trying to do?
You almost certainly do not want to convert '08:07:53' to a datetime, unless you mean "08:07:53 today", where the definition of "today" changes every day.
Robert Garnett
Robert Garnett on 17 Feb 2020
If you want to use gridded interpolation of a variable versus a datetime array you have to convert the date to double viz:
Error using griddedInterpolant
The input points must be a single or double array.

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